"Fake Doomsday" (lost Filipino doomsday PSA; 1992)

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Status: Lost

"Fake Doomsday", also known as "Hoax Doomsday" are names given to a certain lost Filipino PSA about the upcoming doomsday or Rapture. It is still unknown what organization made it, or what's the real purpose of the PSA.

Premise[edit | edit source]

The ad starts with the word "RAPTURE" with a date on the bottom of the screen with the picture of Jesus Christ resurrecting in the background. What follows is a slideshow of disturbing pictures during the time of the Holocaust. Eyewitnesses described the people in the pictures are bald, pale, and skinny with some of them dragged by their necks.[1] One also claimed seeing the number "666" and what follows is old photos of people with the number 666 on their forehead in the middle part of the PSA. The PSA has ominous background music and a voiceover, with "This Is A Paid Advertisement" shown on the bottom part of the ad throughout it.

Availability and Speculation[edit | edit source]

The commercial exclusively aired on IBC-13 during Top 10 Movie Trailers of the Week in early 1990s, presumably 1991-1992[2][3] along with PCSO "Sino Sila" commercial.

It is unknown what is the purpose of this PSA, with some speculating that it is indeed a fake doomsday ad and people who believed doomsday is coming made this PSA. Others speculates that the purpose of this is to tell viewers to repent their sins and accept Jesus Christ as their savior and scare or warn people about the consequences.

References[edit | edit source]