"Schoolboy Blues" (found unreleased explicit version of Rolling Stones song; 1970)

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This article has been tagged as NSFW due to its strong language and mature subject matter.

Rolling Stones SB.JPG

A bootleg album containing the track.

Status: Found

Date found: Unknown

Found by: Unknown

The Rolling Stones is a British rock band formed in 1962. Fronted by Mick Jagger, the group has had a heavy influence on music throughout the 1960s and the 1970s and has frequently been ranked among the greatest acts of all time.

In 1970, the group decided to leave Decca Records in 1970 and start their own label, Rolling Stones Records. However, they were required to record one more single in order to fulfill their contract, so the Stones cut the explicit "Schoolboy Blues" as their last Decca effort.[1] It was alternatively titled "Cocksucker Blues" (also the name of a lost 1970s Rolling Stones documentary) due to the chorus, which goes: "Oh, where can I get my cock sucked?/Where can I get my ass fucked?/I may have no money/But I know where to put it every time."

Due to the profanity contained in the aforementioned chorus, Decca decided against using the song to continue profiting from the group. In some sort of accident, "Schoolboy Blues" was released via the Germany-exclusive, four-LP The Rest of the Best box set in 1983, only to be pulled and reissued sans the offending track four weeks later. Many years since then, with the creation of the Internet and subsequent bootlegging of the track, "Cocksucker Blues" has inevitably appeared on torrent sites and YouTube.


"Schoolboy Blues" (explicit version).