"The Paradise Girl" (partially found Som2 album; 2003)

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Som2 - The Paradise Girl.jpg

The album’s cover.

Status: Partially Found

The Paradise Girl is the debut studio album by Korean pop singer Som2, released on November 7th, 2003.


Seo Mee Rin (known as Meilin, and formerly known as Som2) was born on April 3rd, 1989, not much is known about her and her past. She debuted as a singer at age 13, under the entertainment company Com Entertainment, with her studio album The Paradise Girl, which ended up being her only album ever released. Later that year, she recorded two songs for the Astro Boy OST, being the last record released under the Som2 stage name.

She gained some recognition in late-2004 when two of her songs appeared in the Korean rhythm game Pump It Up: Exceed 2.

In 2008, she returned to South Korea under the stage name Meilin, after living in Japan for almost two years, where she returned to music and released some singles under the music label Dreamusic.


1. Intro

2. 소녀시대 II (Girls Generation II)

3. 바래 (Barae) (Translated to "Pray" in Pump It Up: Exceed 2)

4. 함께해요 (Let's Get Together)

5. 네멋대로해봐 (Do What You Want)

6. I Turn To You

7. 예지몽 (Yejimong) (Translated to "Deja Vu" in Pump It Up: Exceed 2)

8. Someday

9. 바래 (Remix) (Barae (Remix))

10. 소녀시대 II (Instrumental) (Girls Generation II (Instrumental))


Only a couple of songs from the album has surfaced online, including some low-quality ripped music videos for "Barae (바래)" and "I Turn To You", and some live performances. Other than that, most of the album is lost. Only a handful of copies are known to exist online.


함께해요 (Let's Get Together).
바래 (Barae).
I Turn To You.

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