"The Tale of Dr. Rabbit" and "Play a Game with Dr. Rabbit" (lost audio of educational health cassette; 1996)

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Dr rabbit cassette.jpg

The side of the cassette for Tale

Status: Lost

In 1994, Colgate-Palmolive introduced the character "Dr. Rabbit" as the mascot for the Bright Smiles, Bright Futures program. The character was used in many materials associated with BSBF, and is still used to this day.

In 1996, coinciding with the release of Dr. Rabbit's World Tour came an audio tape with a new "Dr. Rabbit" story called The Tale of Dr. Rabbit, and a song called Play a Game with Dr. Rabbit.

Play a Game with Dr. Rabbit

The first side of the cassette contains Play a Game with Dr. Rabbit. It is a song about counting from one to ten, associating each number with a healthy dental habit (i.e. one is for your dentist, two is for toothpaste, three is for toothbrushes, etc.).

The Tale of Dr. Rabbit

The second side of the cassette contains The Tale of Dr. Rabbit. It describes a young boy who refuses to brush his teeth. As a result, evil "plaque monsters" appear. To combat the "plaque monsters," the child brushes his teeth. Throughout the rest of his life, the boy continues to brush his teeth and the monsters never bothered him again.