"Waterdrop" (partially found DTS unreleased trailer; 1996)

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Status: Found (audio)
Lost (video)

Waterdrop is the second promotional/introductory trailer for DTS. It was made as an alternative to Stand Alone (also known as "The Digital Experience"), intended to be shown before quieter films in which the loud nature of the aforementioned trailer was not well-suited for, however, since similarities to the Imagine Entertainment production logo lead to said company threatening to take legal action, it was recalled almost immediately, and only seen in three theaters in both St. Louis and Albuquerque.

The audio for the trailer had managed to slip past the trailer's recall, as DTS audio discs for May 1996 film releases such as Twister, Mission: Impossible, and Dragonheart.[1]

Rediscovery of the audio

On May 2nd, 2023, Internet Archive user "NikoBellic5497" ripped the audio for the DTS disc for Twister, which included the audio for Waterdrop (labelled as dtswater in the TXT file), the audio from the disc was uploaded to Internet Archive [2], and the rediscovery of the audio for the trailer was announced on the Discord server for the Audiovisual Identity Database.


The trailer's audio.

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