"You're Gonna Make it, Joe" (unreleased cassette tape by Daniel Johnston; existence unconfirmed; 1983)

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The front of the tape, showing the title and Daniel Johnston's signature.

Status: Existence Unconfirmed

Daniel Johnston is an American lo-fi folk artist best known for his lifelong struggles with severe mental illness. A pioneer of outsider art and lo-fi music, Johnston gained popularity by distributing handmade cassette tapes containing his music.

In 2019 one of his original, previously unreleased cassettes went up for sale on eBay.[1] This cassette, originally recorded in 1983, came with a letter of authenticity from Johnston's former manager.

The seller asked the buyer not to release the music until proper authorization could be given by Daniel Johnston. So far, no updates have been given on the music's release and, given Johnston's withdrawal from the music industry and general apathy toward fan interaction, it currently seems unlikely the buyer will be able to contact Johnston.