1000 Ways to Lie (found special of "1000 Ways to Die"; 2010)

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Title card.

Status: Found

Date found: 17 Aug '18

Found by: Ethan Nunn

1000 Ways to Lie was a docudrama special of the hit Spike TV series 1000 Ways to Die. The series was announced on April 23, 2009 on Spike TV's blog in which it was mentioned that alongside additional episodes for 1000 Ways to Die, a pilot episode for 1000 Ways to Lie was also ordered.[1]


The pilot episode was entitled "Natural Born Liars" and featured six segments. Each segment showcased someone based off of a real event, but with names, altered who lied about something (ranging from drug smuggling to falsifying IDs) and were eventually caught. Like in 1000 Ways to Die someone would explain the science of what went wrong.[2] The special aired on March 3, 2010, on Spike, but was met with mostly negative reception.


The overall format of the show is slightly altered from 1000 Ways to Die including a sped up narration in the intro of the show. At the end of each segment, another picture of the incident is shown with the text Way to Lie #. The special eventually was put on Spike's website where a brief description of the special was posted stating: A drug smuggler uses her womanly assets to hide the goods; a celebrity seeker pulls a bunny out of her rabbit hole; an ex-con cleans up the streets; a henpecked hubby winds up wishing he was dead; a horny horn player plays his heart out and a con man discovers he's cut out for the job.


1000 Ways to Lie was available on Spike's website until the subsequent rebranding of Spike TV to Paramount Network. The only piece of 1000 Ways to Lie that had resurfaced was the intro. Using the same narrator from 1000 Ways to Die, but this time the narrator's voice was sped up and stated the following: Everybody lies, and everybody gets lied to. We lie to get ahead, we lie to get the girl, and to keep our secrets. Whether motivated by greed, ego, or criminal intent, just when you think you've heard it all, there are 1000 Ways to Lie

On August 17, 2018, Lost Media Wiki user Ethan Nunn found the episode is available to purchase through Amazon as the 13th episode of season 2.[1] This episode can be confirmed as 1000 Ways to Lie as it keeps the title "Natural Born Liars" as well as Season 2 officially only having 12 episodes. [2]


1000 Ways to Lie intro.

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