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UPDATE 3.12! (Added 15 Jun 2019)
LSuperSonicQ's video on the Frontier Enterprises dub of Dragon Ball
blameitonjorge's video on A Day With SpongeBob Squarepants
Cybersix episode "Mysterious Shadow" (Fox Kids edit)
M3D Volume One
SpongeBob short "Nickelodeon Blimp"
EarthBound 64 footage from SpaceWorld 1996

“Greetings, loved ones. Let’s take a journey.”

Hey everyone! Let’s get right into it this time. First off, we have 2 new collaborator videos! The first is from LSuperSonicQ, with a video on the lost 1987 Frontier Enterprises dub of Dragon Ball – the first English dub of the series, predating the 1989 Harmony Gold dub. The second is from blameitonjorge, with a fairly comprehensive video recapping one of our most famous searches, A Day With SpongeBob SquarePants. Be sure to watch both of them above!

Next, the new finds:

That’s it! Hope everyone has been having a good pride month, enjoying the weather if you’re in a place where that applies, and I’ll see you next time! Also we definitely didn’t forget to update the featured articles for 4 months, we just featured 20 articles because we wanted to


UPDATE 3.11: IS THIS THING ON? (Added 12 May 2019)
LSuperSonicQ's video on Astrology with Squidward
LSuperSonicQ's video on Johnny Bravo spin-off blocks
Nightmare Ned episode "Testing... Testing..."

Can you believe it’s already April? Me neither, probably because it’s May. But nevertheless, we’re back with another update for you all!

First off, our talented collaborator LSuperSonicQ has two new lost media videos! The first is his final video on Astrology with Squidward, concluding the search after new information was thought to be found by YouTuber SSTEAS. The second is on lost Johnny Bravo spin-off blocks, including Viva Las Bravo and Toon FM, both in the same vein as JBVO. Be sure to check both videos out above!

Moving onto the finds:

Those are all the finds (thanks again to Ryanskip for keeping on top of them), but one last thing – we’re making some changes to the discord! We’ve added a new lost-media-related channel for general talk about anything the wiki covers, in addition to the regular search channels. We’ve also added a Question of the Day feature and a media restoration channel, so feel free to come by and check it out! Anyways, that’s all for this time, so see you later!

With all my heart,


The Wire, courtesy of Augenblick Studios
LSuperSonicQ's video on The Wire
blameitonjorge's video on Ratafak Plachta

Hey everybody, dycaite here with a new notice board post for a new month! Hope everyone's 2019 is shaping up to be a good year :) Whatever you've all been up to, let's put some icing on that March 2019 cake with some lost media news:

  • First off, just in case you've been living under a rock for the past couple of weeks, The Wire has arrived! I probably should have posted about it here in the notice board section earlier, but what with the amount of visitors to the Discord and Forums lately, I figure most of you are probably already aware that it has been released by now... ANYWAY~ If you haven't already, you can catch The Wire right now via the above embed (or, for the connoisseurs among you, you can grab a copy of the 7GB raw video file here); big, big thanks once again to Aaron Augenblick and everyone at Augenblick Studios for making this happen!
  • Next up, we have two collaborator videos, one from LSuperSonicQ on the aforementioned The Wire (a great way to catch up if you're not familiar with how the search unfolded) and one from blameitonjorge on Ratafak Plachta. Thanks for another solid set of videos, guys (and sorry for not posting them here earlier)!
  • Aaand finally, as you may have guessed from the title, we have another "stuff we missed" update for you guys (including the recently unearthed 1996 Aeon Flux PlayStation prototype) - but instead of posting a long list here on the homepage, I thought it'd make more sense to create a forum post on it and then link that post here, so that is exactly what I have done and you can read about all the stuff we missed over the past few months right here. Thanks to Ryanskip for keeping track of the found media listed!

That's gunna do it for now; until next time, take it easy all! ✌



How's it going guys, dycaite here with a short (but very exciting!) notice board post; let's get right into it:

  • If you've been perusing the LMW Forums and/or Discord lately, you will no doubt be familiar with the "Plugman" search that kicked off some weeks ago. The 1996 short, which has since been identified as The Wire (as shown in said year on Cartoon Network as a part of ToonHeads' "A Night of Independent Animation") has been recovered via VHS by creator Aaron Augenblick's Augenblick Studios, who have pledged to rip and upload the short! Big thanks to Aaron Augenblick and everybody at Augenblick Studios for helping us unearth this highly sought after animation! It's always such a pleasant surprise when studios/companies themselves come forward with lost media, it's really quite inspiring to know that our efforts are having a wide enough reach so as to come to the attention of creators themselves. Thanks again, all!
  • Big story number two (you're gunna wanna pay attention to this one if you're a fan of Sesame Street) - The American Archive of Public Broadcasting are currently undergoing an effort to archive nearly 4500 episodes, from the first 49 seasons (as donated by Sesame Workshop) and will be making them available for public viewing on location! The big question on everybody's lips now is whether or not this archive will include the infamous "Wicked Witch of the West" episode, or perhaps even the unaired "Snuffy's Parents Get a Divorce" one; while all we can really do is hope at this point, regardless of whether or not either of these episodes are included, this is undeniably a noble effort on the part of both the AAPB and Sesame Workshop and one to be highly commended.

That's all for today, keep an eye on the Forums, Discord, social media and such (and of course here on the notice board) for the inevitable release of The Wire, I know many of you are anticipating it with a lot of excitement :) Ciao!


blameitonjorge: "The Search For Clockman"
SimCity NES Gameplay, from The Video Game History Foundation
Lego Island TV series pilot
Bobb'e Says: "Tony Hawk's Warehouse"
Hammerman: "Dropping Out" (part 1 / 2 / 3)
Ten minutes of footage from Nickelodeon's By The Way

“I know it's late and I took all year, but you can stop complaining 'cause I'm finally here…”

Merry Christmas! Happy New Year! Hope everyone had a good time over the holidays. While we were celebrating, we let the finds pile up again, so we’ll get into those shortly, but first, blameitonjorge has a new video out! This one is about what’s arguably our most famous search, Clockman! You can see it above. Now, let’s begin:

That’s everything for this time - special thanks to Ryanskip for helping keep track of it all. Anyways shut up mom yes i’m coming to dinner just give me a second