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First and foremost - a big, BIG thank you to everyone who participated in the ARG - the answer was, as many of you had correctly guessed, "Noddy and the Moon" :P

We're incredibly proud to have been able to bring this episode to light for the first time in over 50 years and I also want to personally thank everybody involved in the process of actually getting the film reel to me and having it digitised.

I hope Noddy fans and lost media enthusiasts get as much of a kick out of seeing this as I had bringing it to you all!

Until next time,

Thank you for tuning in and staying cool!





UPDATE 3.20! SOMETHING IS COMING... (Added 07 Jul 2020)



UPDATE 3.19! BE KIND, STAY SAFE (Added 10 Apr 2020)
Volume 1 of blameitonjorge's new lost media series, Lost Media Case Files.

Red Bard's video on the Evangelion AIDS PSA (includes media in question).

Spider-Man Safety Series "Don't Hide Abuse" (courtesy of YouTuber RobotBacon).

Mario Roulette footage (courtesy of YouTuber David 'mamehaze' Haywood).

Cooly Skunk Super Famicom port footage (courtesy of Gaming Alexandria's YouTube channel) video removed

Starcraft: Ghost footage from dev kit build (courtesy of YouTuber Ocled).

The Electric Piper demo soundtrack (courtesy of Bill Burnett/Synth Commando/Notelu).

The Electric Piper demo track "London on the Moon" (courtesy of Bill Burnett/Synth Commando).

The Flintstones Movie Sega Channel prototype footage (courtesy of Hidden Palace).

Super Mario Bros. movie extended rough cut "It's More Than Just Death" scene (courtesy of YouTuber SMB Movie).

Super Mario Bros. movie extended rough cut "Koopa, The Party Poopa" scene (courtesy of YouTuber SMB Movie).

Whoopi's Littleburg episode "Welcome to Littleburg" (courtesy of YouTuber Kale Reviews and Stuff).

What's up everyone, dycaite here, back out of hibernation once again, this time to (hopefully) provide a welcome distraction from these crazy days in the form of a massive dose of lost media news! In true form, this one includes stuff we missed dating all the way back to last year, so grab some popcorn and get comfortable, 'cause this is gunna be another one of our feature length notice board posts 😅 Starting with(!):

  • There's a new blameitonjorge lost media video out! This one is the first in a series called Lost Media Case Files, which is dedicated to those pieces of lost media that are either lesser known or don't quite have enough information on them to warrant a full-length presentation. You can check out Vol. 1 of the new series above (featuring a lost creepypasta called Cameraheads, the Dragon Ball Harmony Gold dub and the existence unconfirmed piece currently making the rounds online, Go For a Punch - aka Saki Sanobashi)! Speaking of which...
  • The Harmony Gold dub of Dragon Ball has been found in its entirety! You can catch all 5 episodes of the infamous dub yourself here (please note that you will need an archive.org account to do so). Big thanks to Ryan Gavigan, Tom_Servo (aka bun39), folks over at the Kanzenshuu forum and anyone else who helped to make this possible!
  • Friend of the wiki and prolific VHS archivist/Nickelodeon aficionado CDCB has started an exciting new project and I wanted to give it a shout out 😊 Nickstory Archives is a brand new wiki dedicated to the documentation and preservation of Nickelodeon broadcast schedules, dating all the way back to 1979, and it has already hit the ground running in terms of content; you can check it out for yourself here if you're into that kind of thing (and let's face it, if you're reading this, you probably are)! Good luck with the project CDCB, I look forward to seeing how it progresses!
  • The unaired City of Houston Evangelion AIDS PSA has been found! The infamous 1999 radio spot saw voice actors Spike Spencer and Tiffany Grant reprising their Evangelion roles of Shinji and Asuka respectively, with the two characters depicted having intercourse, while a narrator explains that one of them has AIDS and is about to pass it on, before encouraging safe sex practices. The spot (apparently titled HIV AWARENESS "MURDER", and never actually broadcast due to sounding too real) was uncovered earlier this month by YouTuber Red Bard and the aforementioned Tiffany Grant, the former having reached out to the latter, who would go on to track down her cassette taped copy (allegedly the only known copy in existence) and share it! You can catch the story of its unearthing, as well as the scandalous recording itself above via Red Bard's video (P.S. Thanks for featuring the LMW in it!). Big thanks to both Red Bard and Tiffany Grant for bringing this infamous clip out of obscurity, kudos!
  • While we are on the topic of PSA-esque material, an episode from the 1990 Spider-Man Safety Series has been found! This direct-to-VHS series starring everybody's friendly neighborhood Spider-Man was made up of four 11-minute tapes/episodes: "Don’t Hide Abuse", "Smart Kids Play it Safe", "What To Do About Drugs" and "Where Do You Go for Help", the first of which was recently ripped and uploaded to YouTube by RobotBacon after learning of its rarity, having owned the tape for roughly 15 years. Big thanks to RobotBacon for going to the effort to preserve and provide this, they are much appreciated! You can watch "Don’t Hide Abuse" yourself via the above embed.
  • A VHS copy of the live-action Monsignor Martinez pilot (an unaired King of the Hill spinoff, for those unaware) has been located! This photo was emailed to me several weeks ago (I shared it on our Discord at the time but I figure it deserves a mention here too) and while I've had to censor out some sensitive information on the label (at the request of the person who has the tape, who I will keep anonymous for now just to be on the safe side), I'm quite confident that it's the real deal. The owner intends to try and determine who owns the rights to the episode and ask them about potentially releasing it; here's hoping they're successful - we'll be sure to let you all know if/when they are!
  • The English dub of the "Handful of Crumbs" Sesame Street short has been found! The 1982 short was lost entirely until a Spanish version was uploaded by YouTuber Ferdasyn 80 back in 2017, but it's great to now have the original English dub available! Big thanks to the folks over at the Muppet Wiki for providing this discovery via their Facebook page (unfortunately, I couldn't embed it above as our video embed plugin doesn't play nice with Facebook videos); you can check it out for yourself here!
  • The ROM of 1991 arcade game Mario Roulette has been released! It's a simple roulette game (albeit with a Super Mario World skin), and you were able to win and trade in medals for prizes throughout Japanese arcades. But now, thanks to the efforts of one Eric Chung (aka Shoutime), the game can be enjoyed all across the world, and you don't even need any coins to play! No prizes though, sadly ;) You can download the ROM for yourself here (please note however that you will need MAME 0.218 for it to run properly), or if you'd prefer, you can catch a video of it running above. Big thanks to Shoutime and everyone else involved in getting this game archived and properly running!
  • The unreleased Super Famicom port of Cooly Skunk has been found! Cooly Skunk, or Punky Skunk as he's known in the USA, was the star of a Japanese-developed 1996 PlayStation game of the same name(s), with a Super Famicom port also being planned but ultimately scrapped. The port, which by all accounts is unfinished (or, at the very least, requires hacking to access certain levels) was purchased in cartridge form via crowdfunding from a shop in Japan by our friends at Forest of Illusion and was subsequently released via (our also-friends) Gaming Alexandria! Big thanks to all involved in archiving this rarity and getting it out to the public! You can download it here yourself or catch a video of the game in action above!
  • Footage of the unreleased Starcraft: Ghost has emerged! While we don't actually have an article on this one yet, I found the story interesting enough to include here and I think (/hope) you guys will too. To preface, Starcraft: Ghost is an Xbox game from Blizzard Entertainment that was announced in 2002 before ultimately being cancelled a few years later. Rather incredibly, just this year, footage of a playable build of the game leaked online, after someone found it on an Xbox dev kit they bought at an auction! This is just a crazy story, to think that something like this could just be sitting on an old piece of hardware in someone's garage or wherever, waiting to be found, and I always like reading about discoveries like this. While the code itself has not been released online (and even if it were, you would need a modded Xbox to play it), quite a bit of footage has been, as previously mentioned; you can check out said footage via the above embed!
  • The Sonic 3D Blast demo tape has now been released in its entirety! You can listen to the whole thing yourself now over at GameHut's YouTube channel (courtesy of GameHut founder Jon Burton, who has been steadily releasing tracks from the tape over the past half a year or so)! Big thanks to Jon for getting these rare tracks to everyone in full!
  • A set of demo tracks from The Electric Piper have been released! The once-lost musical TV movie was uncovered in 2016, but now there's a good excuse to revisit it because the original demo soundtrack has become available in its entirety, and it even includes 2 unreleased tracks! Big thanks to Bill Burnett (the film's writer), YouTuber Synth Commando and wiki regular Notelu (as this rarity was passed down the chain from Bill Burnett to Synth Commando to Notelu, who uploaded it to YouTube); much appreciated! You can take a listen for yourself via the above embed (as well as an extra demo track "London on the Moon", which was acquired by the parties involved shortly afterwards)!
  • A prototype of The Flintstones Movie Sega Channel game (on Genesis/Mega Drive) has been found! Developed in 1995, this port of the 1994 SNES title of the same name was released exclusively on the Sega Channel (an early online distribution platform) and as the service only allowed subscribers to download games for a limited amount of time, there are no known copies of the full game still in existence. Nevertheless, this prototype was acquired and released late last year by Hidden Palace's drx and it gives most people the chance to experience the game for the first time, albeit in incomplete form (ie. lacking a soundtrack). Big thanks to drx for getting this rarity out to the masses! You can download it yourself here, or check out some gameplay footage above!
  • Two more scenes from the extended rough cut of the 1993 Super Mario Bros. movie have been released! These scenes, not unlike the other scene that was released some time ago from this extended rough cut, were made available online courtesy of the Super Mario Bros. The Movie Archive (aka SMB Movie on YouTube) and can be seen via the above two embeds! Big thanks to SMB Movie for giving us yet another glimpse of these unseen moments!
  • The complete first episode of Whoopi's Littleburg has been found! This obscure, partially found 3-episode children's series from 2004 starred Whoopi Goldberg and aired on Nick Jr., and this episode's recovery marks the first time a full episode has resurfaced, with the second episode being partially lost, and the third one being lost entirely. Big thanks to YouTuber Kale Reviews and Stuff for the provision of this first episode, titled "Welcome to Littleburg"! You can check it out above!
  • And one more thing I felt I had to mention before we get to the after-dinner mint that is this entry's addendum post, a herculean effort by LMW contributor TropesAreDangerous to recover and archive a mammoth amount of Mego 2-XL Robot and Tiger 2-XL Robot games - more than 30 of them! You can check out the full list of games in the addendum post below, but I just felt an effort like this has to get a mention center stage because man... That is a lot of games! Well done and big thanks to TropesAreDangerous!

And now... 𝓉𝒽𝑒 𝒶𝒹𝒹𝑒𝓃𝒹𝓊𝓂 𝓅𝑜𝓈𝓉, brought to you exclusively by Ryanskip's Rug Emporium (seriously though, thanks to Ryanskip for the consistent assistance with every one of these notice board posts, it helps us out tremendously 👍🌟). This, for the uninitiated, is a list of extra stuff we publish with our notice boards for things we couldn't fit in here, lest the homepage become a novella's worth of reading. Sorry to anyone we didn't feature here as a result, your efforts are still massively appreciated!

Oh -- you may have also noticed that the article listing limit on the homepage has increased from 40 to 90... This, while temporary, was admittedly a result of me not updating the site frequently enough, but also not wanting to deny anyone the chance to have their article displayed on the homepage, so apologies for it being extra long at the moment 😅

That's gunna do it for now, but I also wanted to quickly just, ease up on the jokes, get serious for a moment and wish everyone well during these difficult times. Most of us have never lived through something of this nature and it's scary, but we can pull through if we work together responsibly. Be kind to each other, stay safe and practice social distancing. This might not be going away any time soon, but the sooner the better, and the more stringent we are, the sooner things will get back to normal. All the best, much love to you and yours; until next time~


UPDATE 3.18: NEW WIKI! (Added 01 Apr 2020)
Rundown of the new site.

Hey everyone, just a quick update here. You might have noticed that we've gone without a notice board post for a while. The reason for this is because we've been busy working on a new wiki - The Albanian Spongebob Wiki. And as of today, it's finally open!

We won't be updating this site anymore, as we're now devoting all of our time to the ASW. Please be sure to check it out: http://albanianspongebob.shoutwiki.com/ . Thanks!


UPDATE 3.17: HAPPY NEW DECADE! (Added 13 Jan 2020)
New Adventures of Beany and Cecil: Radio with a Bite & Cecil Meets Clambo.

Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade 1989

Sunday Pants, episode 1 (official upload).

Howdy, howdy, howdy, how’s everybody doing tonight? Lucy here, I hope everybody had a good time over the holidays and is enjoying the new year so far – not only a new year but a new decade! To celebrate, let’s get things started early and wrap up the last finds of the 2010s:

  • Two more episodes of The New Adventures of Beany and Cecil have been found: “Radio with a Bite”, and “Cecil Meets Clambo” (embedded above), both uploaded by Adam Fair Land. This leaves only one episode lost, so thank you very much for sharing these!
  • The whole series of Baby Bob (minus the pilot and unaired episodes) has been uploaded by our own SpooferJahk, after recovering them from private site MySpleen, which has long since shut its doors to new users. Thanks for bringing these to a larger audience!
  • On a more somber note, the footage of Tiny Tim’s heart attack has been found. I won’t link it here, but if you want to see it, you know where to look.

And now before finishing up, let’s look at the first few finds of the decade so far:

  • All 11 aired episodes of Sunday Pants have been uploaded to Vimeo by the series co-creator, Stuart Hill. Thank you!
  • SpooferJahk has also found the full series of Star-ving, recovered from a once-dead torrent that suddenly came online. Thank you once again!

That does it for this time – thanks one last time to all those mentioned above, thanks to volunteer Ryanskip for keeping track of these finds as usual, and thanks to everybody who has contributed to the wiki over the years. Here’s to hoping the 2020s are even better!