240-Robert (partially found American drama series; 1979-1981)

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Lead cast of the TV series 240-Robert: John Bennett Perry, Joanna Cassidy and Mark Harmon

Status: Partially Found

240-Robert is an American drama series the ran for two seasons between 1979 and 1981.


The series focuses on the various missions of a specialized unit of the Los Angeles County Sheriff's Department, known as "240-Robert". The show was created by Rick Rosner, who had also created the hit series CHiPs two years earlier. Several cast changes occurred following the first season. The series lasted 16 episodes before being cancelled due to low ratings.

The whereabouts of the series are unknown as of January 2018. No official VHS or DVD releases are known to exist, aside from a few long-out-of-print PAL VHS releases in Europe. Only a small handful of very low-quality Spanish dubs of some episodes, as well as the intro (English), can be found on YouTube.


The intro (English).

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