3D Choreographer (found build of CGI animation software; 1992-2006)

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3DChoreographer Title.gif

The title screen for the 3D Choreographer demo.

Status: Found

Date found: Jul 26/Aug 21 2021

Found by: idiotic_bastard, JacobLenstar

3D Choreographer was a 3D animation tool created in 1992 by Animated Communications, Inc, designed to be an animation program for non-artists. It is perhaps most notable for being the software used to animate the infamous Rapsittie Street Kids: Believe in Santa.


3D Choreographer was sold as a tool for anyone of any skill level to easily create 3D animations. Users could pick from a library of actors (humans, animals, dinosaurs, objects and more) with an extensive library of actions and expressions. Users could customize these characters, either in appearance, size and shape, attaching a picture of a face on top of actors, or by manipulating their limbs to create custom poses. Users could also import pictures in the BMP file format for use as backgrounds or props. Animations created with 3D Choreographer could be exported for use in PowerPoint presentations, CD-ROM applications, or other uses. [1]


3D Choreographer was created in 1992 by Jeffrey Freedman, focused on making a simple and easy-to-use program for 3D animation.

Initially, the program had two different versions available: The 3D Choreographer CD was a basic package that cost $199 and contained 90 actors, 50 AVI files and animation templates, and the 3D Choreographer Deluxe Version, which contained 330 actors, 60 AVI files and animation templates and cost $349.

In 2005, the Deluxe version was merged with the basic version and was made available for $109 and introduced two new versions of the program, one being 3D Chor Kids, which was intended for grades 2 and up and omitted some of the characters included with the $109 package and 3D Chor Video Effects Studio, a separate program that was more focused on importing images onto heads of characters or using video as a background for characters to interact with human actors.[2]


Multiple versions of 3D Choreographer are known to exist and were available to be purchased either through Animated Communications' website or from various licensed vendors. However, none of these versions have been backed up online. A non-interactive demo from 1994 was found on a cracked shareware CD-ROM. An installer for the program was included alongside the demo, however, is most likely to be corrupt or incomplete, and thus cannot be run.

On July 26th, 2021, Reddit user idiotic_bastard announced in a thread on the /r/lostmedia subreddit that they found the full version of the 3D Choreographer from 1996. The user explained that the program was posted on old BBS warez sites. They found BBS sites that still functioned, downloaded them, and uploaded the files to archive.org. Their post also gave instructions on how to get the program to run.[3]

On August 21st, 2021, user JacobLenstar retrieved a copy of the software from 2004 directly from Jeffery Freedman. Unlike the 1996 version, it can run natively on Windows x64 and has several additional features, such as more actors (some of which being from Rapsittie), props and backgrounds, real-time shading and the ability to import custom heads onto characters. It must be put in a C:/3dchor folder, otherwise, it will crash upon startup.[4]



Footage of the demo version from 1994.

Official video demo from 2005.


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