737 Cockpit (lost ZX Spectrum/ZX81 flight simulation game; 1982)

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An ad for the game from Your Computer magazine.

Status: Lost

737 Cockpit is a game made for the ZX81 and/or ZX Spectrum in 1982. It was produced by Machinecraft Ltd., who listed the game in their adverts for the November and December issues of Your Computer magazine for that year, pricing it at £5.75.

Little is known about the game as no screenshots, physical copies, or ROMs have surfaced since its mention in Your Computer.[1] Judging from the game's title, it was likely a flight simulator in which the player flew a plane from an interface similar in nature to that of a Boeing 737 aircraft.

It is uncertain what platform(s) the game released on, as the November advert stated that it was for the ZX81 with a minimum of 16KB of memory.[2] However, the December advert stated that the game was for the ZX Spectrum, and instead required a minimum 48KB of memory.[3] The difference between these two home computers would also change how the game was displayed, as the ZX Spectrum supported colour output, a feature the ZX81 lacked.