AVGN "Who Framed Roger Rabbit" Original Nerd Rant Ending (lost footage of online video review; 2006)

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Lost AVGN Rant.jpg

The only image available of the lost scene.

Status: Lost

James Rolfe is a famous internet critic who makes comedic video reviews of bad retro video games on his web series, The Angry Video Game Nerd.

The fourth video in his series was created in 2006 and was a review focused on the 1989 NES game, Who Framed Roger Rabbit, based on the 1988 film of the same name. Originally the episode was supposed to end with the Nerd's rant in which he would start shouting about terrible features in the game and mentioning what he would rather do than play the game.

According to a tweet by Mike Matei (the person who helps create the AVGN episodes with James), the scene did not end up in the finished episode due to a tech error.[1]

There is no information provided about what is mentioned in the rant. After LMW user Ben Roddison contacted James Rolfe, it is now confirmed that the audio was never recorded and the video footage was wiped from the tapes, meaning that the footage is permanently lost.[2]


The high quality version of the full review.


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