A Family of Strangers (lost ABC Afterschool Special episode; 1980)

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A Family of Strangers.jpg

Newspaper advertisement of the episode.

Status: Lost

A Family of Strangers is a half-hour special directed by Robert Fuest that aired as an ABC Afterschool Special episode on September 24, 1980 on ABC. The plot involves a widower named Dominic Ginetti with two daughters named Ginger and Rose marries a widow with one daughter, creating a blended family.[1]

The special has been described as a "decidedly non-comic spin on a premise popularized by The Brady Bunch". Focusing on the effects of both families' new lives, the three siblings do not get along at first. Ginger and Rose eventually adjust to the change, while the widow's daughter, Carrie, continues to resent her new family members.[2]

After the special aired, it fell into obscurity as it was never released on any home format. Only a few stills and newspaper advertisements are known to exist.