A Kitty Bobo Show (partially found second pilot storyboard; 2002)

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A poster used to pitch the show to another network, panels assumed to be part of the storyboard

Status: Partially Found

In the summer of 2001, Cartoon Network was hosting their second Big Pick contest, when pilots would be voted upon, and whichever pilot got most votes CN would greenlight to make it into a full series. One of these pilots was "A Kitty Bobo Show", and it managed to get in second. However, many people don't know that there was a second pilot in the works but never finished.



In the summer of 2001 after Kitty Bobo being in second place, CN ordered a second pilot or short for summer of 2002, and a storyboard was being made by series creator Kevin Kaliher. In it, Kitty Bobo is kicked out of his home and moves in with his friend, Monkey Carl, but ends up being a poor guest. Many people think CN asked for another short because of its second place in the contest. For unknown reasons, CN cancelled airing it altogether. However, in 2010, co-creator Meg Dunn started a Kickstarter for another show called Chloe and The Stars. One of the rewards for pledging $75 was a full .PDF format of the second pilot's storyboard. Some panels of the storyboard showed up on Dunn's blog, but not the full storyboard itself. However, the storyboard hasn't been uploaded to the internet and only 3 people are in possession of it, and it's now impossible to get as the Kickstarter failed to reach its backing goal and has been shut down. On March 16th, 2016, Kaliher stated that he currently doesn't have the storyboard at the moment in an email.