A Question of Comedy (lost unaired comic relief "A Question of Sport" segment; 2007)

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AQOS title.PNG

The main show's title card.

Status: Lost

As a one-off special of popular British quiz show A Question of Sport, A Question of Comedy was to air as a segment on Comic Relief's 2007 Red Nose Day telethon on 16th March 2007 (prerecorded, at the BBC TV centre) and in place of sport, obviously be a comedy quiz in the tradition of Comic Relief but still utilizing the same format and set, with Jack Dee as the host, Frank Skinner, Dara Ó Briain and (portrayed character) Mr. Bean as team captains and guests like Jade Goody.

But after a scandal involving said actress Jade Goody involving racism on Celebrity Big Brother, the segment was dropped from the lineup and replaced with a special edition of Top Gear. A spokesman felt that "Recent events have overtaken us and the show, which was recorded last November, now feels out of date, Red Nose Day is all about raising money and anything that could potentially detract from this is not helpful."[1]

The special hasn't seen the light of day since, and may never, considering Goody's unfortunate passing and the BBC's response to rereleasing media of controversial celebrities.