Alchemist Project - new album (partially found tracks of unreleased album; 2007-2008)

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The image used in the demo video.

Status: Partially Found

Alchemist Project is a polish duo formed in 1999 by two brothers, Radosław and Roland Rasiński. They mainly focused on EDM, trance, dance and house music. Their popularity, especially in Poland, caused them to release their first album, entitled City of Angels alongside two albums titled "Alchemist Project in the mix vol. 1 & 2" in 2005.

Lost Tracks

On June 20th, 2008, a video titled "alchemist project new album coming soon" was released on the band's official YouTube channel. It showcased a few demos of the songs that were supposed to be on their next album. However, this album was never released, and the majority of the songs disappeared. The only song from the demo video to reappear is "Tell me", which was released as a single.

Song Moment in the video Status
Unknown song [1] 0:00 Lost
Get up 0:10 Lost
Tell me[2] 0:19 Found
Beating of my heart 0:28 Lost
Unknown song [3] 0:36 Lost
Happiness 0:46 Lost

Note: All names are unofficial with the exception of "Tell me"


The demo video containing the cut songs.


  1. possibly a remix of "Music is my extasy"
  2. Full version of song
  3. possibly a remix of "Viva Carnival"