Alex Turner - Suck It And See (unreleased Submarine soundtrack version; 2010)

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"Suck It and See" Submarine Version
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Movie poster.
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Submarine is a 2010 British movie written and directed by Richard Ayoade, also coming with a soundtrack composed by the Arctic Monkeys' frontman, Alex Turner. Turner composed a number of songs for this movie like "Stuck in the Puzzle" and "Piledriver Waltz", the latter of which appeared on the Monkeys' 2011 album Suck It and See. However, both the film and album versions of "Piledriver Waltz" are completely different, with the film version being in a lower tone than the album one.

However, there was another song from the album that didn't make it into the final movie and soundtrack, said song being the title track of Suck It and See itself. Allegedly, Turner composed this and "Piledriver Waltz" for the movie, but ended up just using the latter in the final film. The Submarine version of "Suck It and See" wasn't released or leaked in any format and thus remains a mystery, with the exact differences between the album version and the film version remaining unclear.



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