All That (partially lost Nickelodeon sketch comedy TV series; 1994-2005)

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Logo for the show.

Status: Partially Lost

All That is a sketch comedy series from 1994 that aired on Nickelodeon. It lasted until 2005 and ran for 178 episodes. It was a smash hit upon release and has gained a large cult following for its memorable cast members and sketches.[1]

Unfortunately, the entire run has not been released by Nickelodeon on DVD or through digital download and streaming services. Some episodes haven't even been telecasted in years. In addition to all of this, episodes that have been broadcasted since 2011 have been edited for airing on The '90s Are All That due to copyright issues. The program ended up being pulled from the block's schedule on June 1st, 2014.


Despite the popularity and abundance of spin-offs, All That is rarely aired anymore. Seasons 2 to 5 aired from July 25, 2011, to June 1st, 2014, on The '90s Are All That, but they were all missing the musical performances, the sketches introducing the artists, and the original outros/credits. Most iTunes episodes are also edited, with the exception of season 2, episode 2, season 2, episode 5 (which has an audio issue) and season 2, episode 13 in the "Retro Essentials" pack (which is not available through streaming services such as Amazon Instant Video).

Luckily, the majority of seasons 3 to 5 aired on The N in 2008 and are available unedited online, with the exception of a few episodes that were never featured. Season 6 also aired, but the "Best of" episodes that premiered during 2001 wasn't broadcasted.

Prior to, The '90s Are All That, season 2 hadn't aired for years, which has made complete episodes scarce. Season 1 hasn't been broadcast since 2005, and the pilot has only been telecasted a handful of times during the 1990s. Seasons 6-10 haven't aired since The N's rebranding. It is highly unlikely that unedited episodes will ever air again unless Nickelodeon decides to get the broadcasting rights back.

Found Episodes

All That's pilot episode is considered by many to be the most sought-after episode of the entire series. As mentioned earlier, it hasn't aired on television in almost two decades. Over the course of about two years, various YouTube users (Skywren Stoneman, NickStudiosFL, and SuperCoyBoy) posted clips from the pilot, specifically the "Cool Shoes" sketch, the intro (Which is vastly different from the other ones) and the musical performance by TLC.

On September 23rd, 2014, the full episode was uploaded to a private tracker, only to be taken down shortly after. One day later, the entire pilot was uploaded to YouTube by user Greenrift only to taken down once again. Fortunately, the video was downloaded and reuploaded in other sites thanks to fans.

On September 28th, 2018, LMW user Moiisty uploaded the first season in full onto the media-sharing site MEGA. Moiisty has stated that the only episode to still be incomplete is "A Few Good Men," as the episode was fine until it got to the musical, which it cuts to an episode of Power Rangers.

Lost/Incomplete Guide

Of the 178 episodes that aired, 7 episodes are missing completely, and 19 are incomplete.

# Episode Title Status
Pilot TLC Found
103 Immature Found
104 Craig Mack Found
108 Soul 4 Real Found
109 Changing Faces Found
110 Blackstreet Found
112 Usher Found
113 A Few Good Men Incomplete
114 Aftermath Found
201 Naughty by Nature Incomplete
203 Da Brat Incomplete
206 The Twinz Incomplete
207 Monteco Incomplete
208 Soul 4 Real Incomplete
209 Subway Incomplete
211 Xscape Incomplete
212 Diana King Incomplete
214 Deborah Cox Incomplete
215 Immature Incomplete
216 Terry Ellis Incomplete
217 Faith Evans Incomplete
218 Silk Incomplete
219 Shai Incomplete
220 IV Example Incomplete
303 Immature ft. Smooth and Kel Mitchell Incomplete
306 Music Special Lost
307 A Tribe Called Quest Incomplete
416 Jermaine Dupri ft. Da Brat Incomplete
501 Blackstreet ft. Mya Incomplete
601 B*Witched Lost
617 The Best of Josh Server Lost
618 The Best of Lori Beth Denberg Lost
619 Tunes Into TV Lost
622 Dates, Goats, and Romance Lost
624 Music and More Highlights and Backstage Pass Found