Amigo and Friends (partially found English dub of Mexican animated series; early 1980s)

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Title Card.

Status: Partially Found

Cantinflas y Sus Amigos is an educational children's cartoon that was based on the Mexican cartoon series Cantinflas Show in 1979.[1] The show was created and produced by Televisa, then known as Telesistema Mexicano. The company was also responsible for the distribution of the show in Mexico.

The series follows a Mexican character who explores the world with his friends. The episodes take them to locations like Elizabethan England, ancient Egypt, and other planets. The show includes footage of children from countries around the world with glaring stereotypical appearances.

The show got dubbed in English, French, Hebrew, Chinese, Swedish, and Russian. Hanna-Barbera was in charge of dubbing the series over in English in 1982. In each language, the series lasted 51 episodes. Many of the episodes were released on DVD in 2004 by BCI, but the remaining episodes have not seen home video releases, making most of the episodes in every language lost.

On March 6th, 2019, YouTuber carl castillo uploaded an English dub episode on his channel. It has been deleted as of February 2020.


Opening and theme song from the English Hanna-Barbera dub.

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