Andrew Blaze Suicide Tapes (partially found pre-murder and suicide recordings; 2017)

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Screenshot from tape

Status: Partially Found

In 2008, Randy Stair started a YouTube channel called PioneersProductions, where he would upload skits and other content. Since this channel didn't get any attention, he decided to focus on a new channel, this time only focusing on animation.

While he was doing all of this content, he worked on the side for grocery store chain Weis, working an overnight shift. In the late hours of June 8th, 2017, he shot and killed three of his co-workers, later taking his own life.

However, before the shooting, he posted links of his Journal, Suicide Tapes and other things such as a manifesto on his "Ember's Ghost Squad" channel, where he infamously expressed his obsession for fictional character Ember McLain from the Danny Phantom animated series.

Tapes/Journal/Digital Set

On Twitter, Randy posted several Mediafire links with different captions; these included his Journal, Suicide Tapes, and his Digital set. However, a day after he posted the links, Mediafire suspended his account, thus causing the files to be lost. There are re-uploads on YouTube, but most of them have been deleted by YouTube themselves. Most of the tapes got corrupted while downloading, and only a few managed to get the whole files.

Stair's journal was found six days later on the 14th of June 2017. It can be found in the Google Drive link below.

His digital set has not been found yet. For those who have it, it is corrupted.

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