Ani DiFranco (lost New York demo tape; 1988)

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220px-Ani Difranco Ancienne Belgique.jpg

Ani DiFranco in 2007.

Status: Lost

Ani DiFranco is an influential folk singer-songwriter whose fame stemmed from the 90s and continues well into today. She is known for her strong political views, her ardent feminism, and as a notable advocate for the LGBT community. Her albums, especially her live work, have enjoyed critical acclaim. A prolific songwriter, DiFranco has released well over 20 albums to date.

Despite her dedicated fanbase keeping track of every single surviving recording, one particular recording has never (or, if some fans are to be believed, rarely) surfaced. The demo dates back to 1988 when DiFranco had just turned 18. Similar to the lost recordings of Mark Kozelek, this demo was apparently shelved due to some flat/ poor vocal work. Unlike the Kozelek recording, however, the tape has never had any of its songs broadcasted on a radio interview. Therefore, no tracks, or even excerpts, have been made available.

DiFranco has never commented on this demo tape, which has led many to believe it may not even exist. Fans have scoured sources far and wide and still have found nothing. The most likely holder of the tapes, aside from DiFranco herself, would be any record label she sent these songs to. Not even a track listing has been acknowledged, nor has Discogs cataloged it. The demo remains one of the most mysterious lost recordings of its era.