Anthony Ant (partially found HBO/YTV animated series based on books; 1999)

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This article has been tagged as Needing work due to its lack of concrete references (Not sure if TVdotcom, nor that user review on IMDB are actually reliable, or not.).


Cover art for a VHS tape of the series.

Status: Patially Found

Anthony Ant is an American/Canadian/British animated series based on a book of the same name that was created by Graham and Lorna Philpot. The series aired on both HBO Family in the United States, and YTV in Canada from February 1st, to April 11th, 1999. The show took place in Antville, an underground metropolis populated with thousands of ants. Anthony and his friends would occasionally go up to the surface where they have to survive, and escape from "bigfeet" (humans) who live on the very surface.

Rumor has it that the show includes characters such as Kevin "Mr. Cook" Ant, Alexi Ant, Billy Bedbug, Anthony's mother Anne, Ruby Red Ant, as well as moles, & earthworms. As of yet, none of this information has been confirmed, but it's most likely that they appear in the currently lost episodes. Also according to IMDB user sammy-80, one of the episodes had the moral of, "juggling can save your life", & that most of the episodes ended with one of the characters making a joke, & then everyone laughs. Again, none of this has been confirmed as of yet.

The series is not known to have gotten reruns after HBO Family, and YTV stopped airing the series. HiT Entertainment hasn't announced any sort of plans on putting this on DVD, nor any streaming service, and only 2 VHS tapes of the series were ever released. Currently, only 3 episodes are available online, 2 of which are in English, and another of which in Spanish.

Episode List

# Episode Title Status
1 A Knight To Remember Lost
2 The Magic Marble Found (1|2)
3 Anything You Can Do Lost
4 Rustlemania Lost
5 Dance With Termites Lost
6 Kid For a Day Found
7 It's My Party Lost
8 The Ant Who Would Be King Lost
9 The Big Food Lost
10 The Circus Lost
11 Jurassic Greenhouse Lost
12 Lost And Found Lost
13 Race Against Time Lost
14 The Picnic Lost
15 100 Easy Pieces Lost
16 Raiders of the Lost World Lost
17 The Sceptre of Antebellum Lost
18 Weevil Fever Partially Lost (Spanish dub)
19 The Great Race Lost
20 The Rescue Party Lost
21 Air Ant Lost
22 Antastic Voyage Lost
23 Antastic Adventure Lost
24 Walk Like An Egyptian Lost
25 Quest For Sugar Lost
26 The Treasure Is Mine Lost
27 Greenhouse Blues Lost

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