Apuros do Genésio (found Brazilian comedy short film; 1940)

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The film title card.

Status: Found

Date found: 20 May 2024

Found by: Cinemateca Brasileira

Apuros do Genésio is a 1940 Brazilian comedy film starring comedian Genésio Arruda.[1] Genésio was already famous in cinema, for having played the character "Bentinho Samambaia" in the film Acabaram-se os Otários, considered the first Brazilian sound film.

The film was originally supposed to be a theatrical comedy, written by Genésio himself for Moinho do Jeca, a well-known music venue in the capital of São Paulo.


  • Genésio Arruda as Genésio
  • Noemia Noemy as Noemia
  • Arnaldo Lima as Father


Noemia, a beautiful girl, leaves the house to meet Genésio, a hillbilly who brings her flowers. The girl's father doesn't like that and runs after the hillbilly, who as he runs away, bumps into several people on the street.


For a long time, only a single image from the film was known, which was placed at an event at the Cinemateca Brasileira.

On May 20th, 2024, the complete film was posted on YouTube by Cinemateca Brasileira, forming part of the "Projeto Nitratos", which was a project that made numerous Brazilian films available.[2]


The Complete film.

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