Arm Champs (found Jaleco arm wrestling arcade game; 1988)

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Arm Champs I Arcade Title Screen.png

Title Screen.

Status: Found (Japanese version)
Lost (English version)

Date found: 30 Sep 2022

Found by: Phil Bennett

Arm Champs was an arm wrestling arcade game released by Jaleco in 1988. The game was later followed by its more popular 1992 sequel Arm Champs II.


The objective of the game is to beat your opponent in an arm wrestling match with the arm strength of the player being measured during each round. The game has two modes. One mode allows the player to freely select an opponent to arm wrestle against. The second mode is a tournament mode where the player cannot select an opponent and instead must arm wrestle each opponent in order of difficulty. The game has five opponents each representing a country from around the world. There is Nessie Papillon (a female champ and a British professional wrestler), Mad Foreman (an unemployed man from Germany), Cho Yeongping (a Chinese fisherman), Mike Robinson (a South African miner), and Wolf Adams (an American convoy driver).


While there are ROM dumps of Arm Champs II available online, due to how uncommon the original Arm Champs was, it never received a ROM dump for many, many years. It wasn't until September 29th, 2022 when Twitter user Phil Bennett announced that he had acquired the Japanese boardset of Arm Champs and had it dumped and running on MAME within a day.[1] However, an English boardset is also known to exist, which has not been emulated.


Footage of an Arm Champs arcade machine in Wales, running the English version.

Footage of an Arm Champs arcade machine being played at the 1988 Amusement Machine Show in Tokyo, Japan (Skip to 5:28).

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