As Pistas da Blue (partially lost Portuguese adaptation of "Blue's Clues" Nick Jr. animated/live-action series; mid-2000s)

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The adaptation's logo.

Status: Partially Lost

Blue's Clues is an American children's television show that ran on Nickelodeon from September 8th, 1996, to August 6th, 2006. Blue's Clues is about a dog named Blue and her owner, Steve. The show later moved to a new actor for the owner who went by the name Joe. The series would later return on November 11th, 2019, with new episodes along with a new host named Josh. The show is still airing new episodes.

Due to the popularity of the show, a few international adaptations would be produced, including one in Portuguese. This version of Blue's Clues would air throughout the mid-2000s on RTP2 (then known as 2:) in Portugal. This adaptation would be mostly the same as the American version with a lot of the English characters getting dubbed over by various Portuguese voice actors and actor Duarte Gomes replaced Steve in the adaptation and his character would be known simply as Duarte[1].


# Portuguese Title English Title Status
1 A que é que a Blue quer brincar? Blue Wants to Play a Game Found
2 Unknown What Story Does Blue Want to Play? Lost
3 Unknown What is Blue Afraid of? Lost
4 Unknown Pretend Time Lost
5 Unknown The Grow Show Lost
6 Unknown Blue’s News Lost
7 A Visita da Magui Magenta Comes Over Found
8 O que a Blue quer fazer? What Does Blue Want to Make? Found
9 Unknown Tickety’s Favorite Nursery Rhyme Lost
10 Unknown The Trying Game Lost
11 Qual a canção a Blue quer cantar? Blue Wants to Play a Song Game Found
12 Unknown Duarte Gets the Sniffles Lost
13 O que é que a Blue quer construir? What Does Blue Want to Build? Found
14 Unknown Blue’s Senses Lost
15 As Experiências da Blue What Experiment Does Blue Want to Try? Found
16 A Blue Faz Reciclagem What Does Blue Want to Make Out of Recycled Things? Found
17 O sonho da Blue What Was Blue’s Dream About? Found
18 Matemática Math Found
19 O Aniversário da Blue Blue’s Birthday Found
20 Blue vai fazer com nosso desenho What Does Blue Want to Do with Her Picture? Found
21 Unknown What Does Blue Want to Do On a Rainy Day? Partially Found
22 O episódio perdido The Lost Episode Found
23 Unknown Blue’s Sad Day Partially Found
24 Unknown Nurture Lost
25 A Irritação Blue is Frustrated Found
26 Unknown Art Appreciation Lost
27 Unknown Blue’s Surprise at Two O’clock Found
28 Que som é este? What’s That Sound? Found
29 Unknown Mechanics Lost
30 Vamos conhecer melhor os animais Animal Behavior Found
31 Geografia Geography Found
32 Vamos brincar às escondidas Hide & Seek Found
33 Unknown Occupations Lost
34 Vamos conhecer melhor corpo humano Anatomy Found
35 A festa na piscina Pool Party Found
36 Vamos desenhar com a Blue Draw Along with Blue Found
37 A natureza Nature Found
38 A invenção da Blue Inventions Found
39 Coisas engraçadas What’s So Funny? Found
40 A Festa de Máscaras da Blue Blue’s Big Costume Party Found
41 Noite de Festa Blue’s Big Pajama Party Found
42 O grande mistério da Blue Blue’s Big Mystery Found
43 A peça de teatro da Blue Blue’s Play Found
44 Vamos conhecer os dinossauros Prehistoric Blue Found
45 O Engenhocas tem saudades do amigo Periwinkle Misses His Friend Found
46 Meio ambiente Environments Found
47 A colecção da Blue Blue’s Collection Found
48 Duarte tens a roupa ao contrário The Wrong Shirt Found
49 O café restaurante da Blue Café Blue Found
50 Vamos usar a nossa imaginação Imagine Nation Found
51 Uma grande aventura Adventure Found
52 Os super amigos da Blue Superfriends Found
53 Insectos Bugs Found
54 Unknown ¡Un Dia Con Plum! Lost
55 O jornal da Blue What’s New, Blue? Found
56 Unknown Blue’s New Place Lost
57 O dia especial D Pimenta Sr Sal Mr Salt & Mrs Pepper Day Fo un d
58 Vai nascer um bebé The Baby’s Here Found
59 Mudanças Making Changes Found
60 Unknown What’s Inside? Lost



Much like the British and Korean adaptations of the show, this adaption of Blue's Clues was not widely recorded after its run on television, and thus it has fallen into obscurity.

Not much information is known about the adaptation, like exactly when the show premiered and ended on RTP2. Since the American version was rebooted in 2019, it was dubbed over for Portuguese television[6], making it very unlikely the adaptation will re-air again.

Despite the adaptation airing in Portugal and the limited information known about the adaptation, a lot of episodes from the adaptation have surfaced online thanks to home recordings. Most of these home recordings were recovered by YouTuber Blue’sClues&TheWigglesFTW MickeyMouse&HandyMannyFTL and made available in October 2020. The rest of the Portuguese version of Blue's Clues remains lost.

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