Astro Farm (partially found CiTV claymation series; 1990s)

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The cast of the show.

Status: Partially Found

Astro Farm is a British claymation children's series aired on CiTV from 1991-1996. It was later rebroadcast on Nick Jr from 1999-2003 and on Nick Jr. Classics from 2004-2009, when the block stopped before it was rebranded to the logo used in the USA.

The show revolves around a family who lives on asteroid farms. It follows their whimsical adventures as they grow, harvest and learns about their rather peculiar farm.

A few episodes of the show have been released on VHS in the UK and are rather hard to find. A few episodes, as well as a promo featuring the show and Magic Adventures of Mumfie, were posted on YouTube in 2011, but have since been removed. All that remains up are two different coming up next bumpers from CiTV and Nick Jr, the last two minutes of the episode "Spooked!", a CiTV "Later This Thursday" bumper that tells the plot of the episode "Crow Twins" that aired before an episode of Magic Adventures of Mumfie, a promo about Astro Farm and Mumfie, and a promo for CiTV shows sung to the tune of "Old McDonald Had A Farm", with Astro Farm as the main focus.


# Title Status
1 Wacky Weather Found
2 Flying Dinko Found
3 The Well Found
4 Moo Flu Found
5 Astro Dragon Found
6 Butterfly Found
7 Disappearing Bubbles Found
8 The Big Sneeze Found
9 Barn Dance Lost
10 The Tomato Competition Found
11 The Black Hole Mole Lost
12 Training Dinko Found
13 The Surprise Found
14 Biff Builds A Rocket Lost
15 Cluck Soup Lost
16 Holiday Lost
17 King Splodger Lost
18 Lizzie's Quiet Day Lost
19 Pumpkin Lost
20 Seeing Double Lost
21 Shrinking Machine Lost
22 Solar Wind Lost
23 Wild Martian Tiger Lost
24 Wishing Well Found
25 All Aboard! Partially Lost
26 Astrodale Farm Lost
27 Bathtime Lost
28 Biff's Baby Lost
29 Crow Twins Found
30 Dial G For Gorpdale Lost
31 Magic Onions Found
32 Spooked! Lost
33 Super Tom Lost
34 1, 2, 3, Pull! Found
35 A Mole In One Found
36 Biff, Do Your Best! Lost
37 Cowboy Tom Lost
38 Dragon Moon Found
39 Futile Attraction Found
40 Pied Piper of Gorpdale Lost
41 Slimcurd, Slimcurd, Everywhere! Lost
42 Splodger The Spider Found
43 That Takes The Biscuit! Lost
44 Lucky Dip Lost
45 Mousequake Lost
46 Pigs Might Fly Lost
47 Poultry In Motion Lost
48 Spaced Out Splodger Lost
49 Sparks Fly! Lost
50 Splodger's About! Lost
51 Surprise, Surprise! Lost
52 To Catch A Thief Lost
53 Tom And The Beanstalk Lost

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