Astroblast! (partially found Sprout animated series based on book series; 2014-2015)

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The show's logo.

Status: Partially Found

Astroblast! Is an American animated television series that originally aired on the Sprout Channel starting on July 12th, 2014, and later airing on NBC Kids starting on October 4th, 2014, co-produced by Scholastic Media and Soup2Nuts and created by author and illustrator Bob Kolar, based off a book series of the same name, with 2 Seasons and 52 Episodes created and aired between 2014-2015.


Astroblast! is about a group of 6 Animal Friends "Comet, Hailey, Sputnik, Radar, Jet and Sal" that live in outer space at the Astroblast Space Station that houses a smoothie cafe called The Frosty Star; in each episode, they learn the values of friendship and team leadership, and when something goes wrong they also learn that it’s okay to ask for help or forgiveness, along with clever storylines, relatable characters, humor and more.


In October 2013, it was announced that Sprout and Scholastic were teaming up to create another original series for the network called Astroblast! and was slated for a release in Summer 2014,[1] And this was the final show that Soup2Nuts created before going out of business later in 2015.[2]


While you can find some of the show's episodes online, the majority are lost or incomplete and is arguably one of the harder sprout shows to find because there is currently no official digital or home media release. However, when it was originally airing, episodes were available on Youtube TV,[3] Sprout Now,[4] Google Play[5] and might have been on Hulu at one point, but as of January 15th, 2021 are no longer available on any of these platforms.

Syfy Airings

On July 13th, 2014, One day after premiering on the Sprout Channel, Six Episodes of Astroblast! aired on one of NBCUniversal's Sister Networks called SYFY between 9am-10:30am [6], but the airings are currently lost, and 8 Commercials were made as mini In-Between Segments with Carly & Chica from The Sunny Side Up Show, although only 3 of them are currently available online


Sprout Syfy Takeover (1)
Sprout Syfy Takeover (2)
Sprout Syfy Takeover (3)

Episode List

Season 1
Episode Segment A Status Segment B Status
1 Spic 'n Span Found Smoothie Operator Partially Found
2 Take Off! Lost Oh, Brother... Partially Lost
3 Bend it Like Radar Lost Lost and Found Lost
4 I'll Save You! Lost Growin' Crazy Lost
5 Twice the Talent Lost Buliding the Perfect Present Found
6 Glippi's Visit Found Don't Touch! Found
7 Are You My Piffin? Lost Halley's Wannabe Found
8 Sputnik the Spoiler Found Don't Fear the Surfboard Found
9 Billy Starrider Found Sore Loser Found
10 Halley Goes Solo Found Z-Max Mania Found
11 What a Mess! Found Beck and Call Found
12 Sputnik Takes Charge Found Clean Machine Found
13 Comet's Gift Partially Found A Star Is Born Found
Season 2
Episode Segment A Status Segment B Status
1 A Bird in the Hand Found How Do You Get to Carnegie Nebula? Lost
2 Who Let the Stuffie Out? Lost Lights Out Lost
3 Shape Up! Lost Surfin' Space Safari Lost
4 I Love a Parade... Sometimes Lost Radar Sleeps Over Partially Found
5 Stop Booging Me! Lost Just Peachy Lost
6 Hole in One Lost Treasure Hunt Lost
7 Something Borrowed, Someone Blue Lost Be Mine Lost
8 GamGam Knows Best Lost Three's a Crowd Lost
9 Who's Afraid of the Big Bad Alligator? Lost Sing Along to the Bouncing Monkey Lost
10 I Feel Fine! Lost Shoes Blues Lost
11 Radar for a Day Lost A Gift From Halley Lost
12 Best Guests Lost Puzzle Hunt Lost
13 Bop 'til You Drop Lost Kapowsers! Found


Storyboard animatics #1.
Storyboard animatics #2.
Storyboard animatics #3.
Storyboard animatics #4.
Storyboard animatics #5.
Storyboard animatics #6.


"Oh Brother" clip 1/3.
"Oh Brother" clip 2/3.
"Oh Brother" clip 3/3.
Astroblast! Sneak Peek Reel
Astroblast! Clip of Eariler Animation Style

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