Aurora productions: The Gai Podcast (found episodes of podcast series; 2017)

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The Gai Podcast icon.

Status: Found

Date found: 03 Jul '17

Found by: Members of the Aurora community and MemphisLarsen

The Gai Podcast was a podcast series that ran from February to March, 2017. The podcast featured a few different YouTubers who talked about certain topics. (example: the second episode is entitled Russians on AddMeContacts however, they talked about other stuff before getting to the main topic in the title) The series came to a halt and (possibly) after some drama between two of the members of the podcast, The Gai Podcast was removed from YouTube after both members had cut ties with each other.

Removal from YouTube

Due to two of the members cutting ties with each other, The Gai Podcast was believed to be cancelled. in a short discord DM with one of the members of the series MemphisLarsen asked where the podcast was, the member responded with "It's dead atm".


A DM conversation on discord between one of the members and MemphisLarsen.

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