Austin Powers (cancelled HBO animated series; 1999)

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Mike Myers as Austin Powers.

Status: Lost

After the release of Austin Powers: International Man of Mystery (1997) and its sequel Austin Powers: The Spy Who Shagged Me (1999), an Austin Powers animated television series was planned.


New Line Cinema wanted to create the series with Mike Myers, but soon HBO picked up the show. According to a New Line official, HBO has kept much of the production "close to the vest".

Nicholas Stoller and Brian Posehn were hired as writers and HBO commissioned 13 episodes, each being a half-hour long. However, it is unknown if these episodes were actually ever made.


Not much is really known about the series apart from what was told in a few interviews with creator Mike Myers and one writer Bob Friedman. Bob described it so: "It would be more akin to a King of the Hill, which pushes the envelope in a way that’s fun."
According to Myers, the show would have included the characters Fat Bastard and Dr. Evil, along with new ones that didn't appear in the previous movies.


Nothing else came out of it, and it isn't known why development stopped in the series. A possible theory is that Myers stopped the production because he was overworked, but since HBO kept the production of the series a secret, it is unlikely we will ever know.

It is rumored that a teaser image was released but, even if it was, it hasn't resurfaced since.

It is safe to assume that scripts for the episodes were made. However, no copies or excerpts have been released online.