Bésame la Panosh (partially lost animated series; 2014)

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Status: Partially Lost

Bésame la Panosh was a controversial flash-animated series uploaded in early 2014. The plot of the series was a plagiarism of Vete a la Versh, another Mexican flash-animated series created by Darkar Alatriz. Since its release, the series had poor acceptance from Vete a la Versh's fandom because they considered it lame and a bad copycat.

Due to a lot of insulting comments, the creator of the series removed all the episodes and compiled them in one video in early 2016. To avoid the plagiarism controversy, he wrote on the video description that the series originally was "a parody of the Darkar's works".

On March 19, 2016, the YouTube Channel TacoTaco Burrito made a review of the series. Obviously, the video exposes the bad aspects of the show and considers it as the "most cringe-worthy videos from YouTube". On April 26, the creator of Bésame la Panosh reported the review because of copyright infringement. After the video was blocked, TacoTaco Burrito administrador channel talks with the creator series and the video were available again a few hours later.[1]

However, because the review reached a great number of views, the episodes re-compilation video was deleted from Bésame la Panosh YouTube Channel. The only footages available are the second episode uploaded on the creator's channel, animations tests and the clips on the TacoTaco Burrito's review.


TacoTaco Burrito's review.

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