Baby Blues (lost unaired second season of The WB animated series; 2000)

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Title card.

Status: Lost

Baby Blues was an animated television series based on the comic strip of the same name.


Baby Blues centered around Darryl and Wanda, a couple who have recently had their first baby named Zoe. It focuses on their relationship with the supporting characters and differs heavily from the comic.


Baby Blues was produced by Warner Brothers Animation in an attempt to compete with Fox's animated sitcoms at the time. It took nearly five years to produce, and there were many issues when airing the series. The show was cancelled after only 8 of the 26 episodes were broadcasted in its original run. The last 5 episodes of the first season later premiered on Adult Swim in 2002, however the show's second season ultimately never released anywhere.

On May 13th, 2020 animation director and storyboard artist Toby Jones reported that the second season was never completed and had only begun production.[1][2]

On May 18th, 2020 Baby Blues co-creator and co-executive producer Rick Kirkman replied to these comments in an article, stating:

"Season 2 (13 episodes) was ordered, produced and nearly complete. All that was left was to replace the temp music cues and sound effects and possibly some minor editing. All animation was done."

However, he also states that season 2 was unlikely to be made publicly available in any shape or form, owing to "a lot having to do with accounting practices, since the second season was written off as a loss, as far as I know."[3]


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