Baby Boom (found Sega Genesis game; 1994)

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Baby Boom
Title screen.
Title screen.
Status Found
Date found Unknown
Found by Jason Wilson (aka DreamTR)

Baby Boom is a cancelled 1994 puzzle Sega Genesis video game developed by Sega Technical Institute (rumored) and published by Sega. The game is set on New Year's Eve 1999. The game was shown at the 1994 European Computer Trade Show and was scheduled for December 1994 release but was cancelled for unknown reasons.

Three prototype builds of the game were leaked in the Hidden Palace forums by drx on February 23, 2008. In August 2015, more information of the game was found in an Ebay auction[1].

The prototype can easily be found online. Notable errors include misspellings of "they" in the intro and a strange graphical glitch that all emulators have[2].


Gameplay footage.


  1. Expired Ebay auction for the game.
  2. Demonstration of the glitch. Retrieved Oct. 1st, 2016



Anonymous user #1

16 months ago
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Looks like fun

Anonymous user #2

13 months ago
Score 0
Sounds weird

Anonymous user #3

8 months ago
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kinda doubt this is an STI game. For one thing, it has good music.

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