BattleBots (unreleased GameCube/PlayStation 2 game; 2003)

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BattleBots UScoverart.png

US cover art.

Status: Lost

BattleBots was a video game based on the television show of the same name, BattleBots, a robot combat game show. It would have featured 40 playable robots (both real and fictional) and 20 arenas and was supposed to be released for the GameCube and PlayStation 2 by THQ, but was ultimately cancelled, possibly due to the cancellation of the original show. The game was likely almost finished, as gameplay footage can be found online and the US version of the cover art had an ESRB rating and the Nintendo Seal of Quality.


The game was first announced on the official BattleBots website on September 12, 2002, with a possible release in November 2002.[1] However, the game was then postponed until early February 2003, before being delayed once again to May 2003.[2][3] After that, there were no more mentions of the game on the website.


While the game went unreleased, prototypes of the game were made and sold on the official website for $150[4] and again for $299.98, with seemingly only one copy for sale.[5] In May 2015, Team Nightmare Combat Robots were actually able to play the GameCube version. A screenshot exists of the aftermath, where hotel security caught them playing it on the hotel lobby's television.[6] Despite all of these events, the game is still not online in any form.


Gameplay footage of BattleBots