Be Safe with the Tweenies "Knives" (found short of British children's TV series; 2000s)

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Title card used for the shorts.

Status: Found

Date found: 26 May 2023

Found by: Galaxyvault2, Anonymous

Be Safe with the Tweenies is a series of shorts based on the popular CBeebies series The Tweenies made to educate its target audience on being safe around certain situations as the title suggests.[1] Also known as the Tweenies Safety Shorts.[2], these shorts aired on the British children's channel CBeebies between 2003 and 2008 and had little to no media coverage on its content despite the programme's popularity.

Initially, this show was considered to be lost media. However, following years of uncovering particular episodes through BBC Redux, all but one of the episodes had been uncovered, with the then only unavailable short being to do with knives.


The clip as featured in the opening sequence for the series.

At the time, episode 16, "Knives", was the only short missing from the series, the premise of which is only explained through a brief clip within the show's intro. This clip featured Jake seemingly attempting to make a jam sandwich while holding a breadknife, bearing very little information on what the short would be about apart from safety around knife usage. However, the episode proper had Jake using the knife, believing it made a good sword since Milo already had the toy sword following a King Arthur play he performed.

According to Milo Jennings, who rediscovered the episodes and archived them, "Knives" was banned by the BBC because of its usage of which. Further information also proves that the episode did, in fact, not air again for the recent episode guide on the BBC website[3]. For the schedule where the programme would be airing at the time, "Knives" appeared to only have aired on 26th September 2005 at 08:50 on the BBC Two channel[4].


In January 2023, YouTube user Galaxyvault2 uploaded a song from the short to YouTube, saying that they couldn't share the full short for an unknown reason. It wasn't until May 2023, when Galaxyvault felt guilty after months of keeping it and decided that it deserved to be preserved and uploaded the full short to YouTube.


The full short.


Scribbles To Screen's video that references the previous episode (around the 7:33 mark).

Adam Martyn's video about the episode.