Beast Complex (partially found comic; 2013)

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The covers of the first two volumes.

Status: Partially Found

Beast Complex (somtimes called Original Beast Complex) was a self-published manga by the creator of Beastars, Paru Itagaki. (This Beast Complex is not to be confused with the manga of the same name published in 2016)

She created and released it while she was in college in 2013 and these Dōjinshi were sold independently at her college's art festival.[1] There were three volumes released with three chapters in each volume. These comics focused on many characters seen in Beastars, but the the world and characters are noticeably different from the canon from her now famous manga.

In 2020 the first two volumes were found and are in the process of being scanned and translated into English. Currently the third volume hasn't been found by someone willing to scan it.


The cover of the third volume.