Best of the Worst (lost unused footage from internet review series; 2013-2017)

Best of the Worst (unused footage)
The series logo.
The series logo.
Status Lost

Best of the Worst is internet series produced by RedLetterMedia. Each episode is posted to their official website and YouTube channel.

Each episode involves a panel of (usually four) people watching (usually three) movies or video releases. The episodes also heavily feature footage of the group reacting to various scenes of the reviewed material. Notable highlights of the footage is first shown early in the episode and other parts of it are played throughout the panel discussion to show their original reaction to an event being referenced.

Because cameras are filming the group for the duration of them watching the material, most footage is not used in the final video. Most of this footage likely features nothing viewed as notable for use in the video. As a result of this, the footage has not been released to the public.


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