Big Thinkers! 2nd Grade (lost build of cancelled educational PC game; 1998)

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Bigthinkers large.jpg

Cover for Big Thinkers! Kindergarten.

Status: Lost

Humongous Entertainment produced dozens of popular games like Spy Fox and Freddi Fish, but they also had a lesser known game series called Big Thinkers! starring Ben and Becky Brightly, two peppy teenagers who tag along with the player as they explore their house and play educational games to earn Smart Stars. Unfortunately, the series didn't catch on and only two games were ever released (Kindergarten and 1st Grade). However, one additional game--Big Thinkers! 2nd Grade--was planned for release in early 1998, but despite being talked about somewhat extensively in a news article, it was never released to the public.

Thanks to this news article, we do know a few things about the game. Big Thinkers! 2nd Grade would have followed the standard 2nd Grade curriculum and featured educational games like Ant Math, Spider-Web Words, and Sticker Toons.[1] Since so much information is given, one can assume that the game got a fair amount of development. It was unknown for years what happened to the game, but former sound programmer Devin Hurd eventually set the record straight by stating:

"It was developed in parallel with Big Thinkers! Kindergarten and Big Thinkers! 1st Grade and eventually was abandoned when developing three titles with one team proved to be too ambitious".[2]

It is unknown if any remnants of it exist.