Billy "California High" (unreleased Bill Kaulitz solo music video; 2016)

California High (Bill Kaulitz solo music video)
Bill Kaulitz.
Bill Kaulitz.
Status Lost

In summer of 2016, lead singer of German band Tokio Hotel, Bill Kaulitz, released a solo EP of five songs. Of these five songs, three music videos were to be made. The first being a short film for his single "Love Don't Break Me," and the second being a music video for "Not Over You."

The third and final video was supposed to be for his song "California High," which was supposedly meant to take place after the events of the "Not Over You" video, where Bill shaves his head and dyes his fresh buzz cut a bright shade of pink. In August 2016, Bill posted photos on his Instagram that were apparently either screenshots of the video, or photos taken while on set.

As of July 2017, there is no known release date and no footage has been released.


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