Bodymatters (partially found BBC medical show; 1985-1989)

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Bodymatters Title card.

Status: Partially Found

Bodymatters was a BBC medical show hosted by medical professionals Alan Maryon-Davis and Gillan Rice, as well as actor Graeme Garden. It aired for five seasons and 38 episodes from 1985 to 1989[1].

The series focused on the human body, its functions, and how it interacts with the world around it. It would normally take a lighthearted and humorous approach to its subject matter. The show utilized a studio audience, who were often brought on camera to help the hosts with their demonstrations. It would include guests who were related to the subject being discussed for interviews or demonstrations, as well as oversized studio models to help visualize the topics. One such model, a mechanical eye constructed for the show's first episode, would end up being repurposed as the Dalek Emperor for Doctor Who's Remembrance of the Daleks in 1988.

In its final season, the show became BodyMatters Roadshow. Hosted by Maggie Philbin, it would visit and focus on different medical institutions in the U.K., such as The Bristol Veterinary School and The National Spinal Injuries Centre in Stoke Mandeville.

The British Film Institute currently has 3 episodes of the original Bodymatters[2]. However, these episodes have not been made available to the public. Several additional episodes, as well as some small clips, are currently on YouTube.

Episode List

# Episode Title Air Date Status
S1.E1 More than Meets the Eye Jul 25, 1985 Lost (In BFI Archives)
S1.E2 How to Do It Standing Up Aug 1, 1985 Found
S1.E3 Breathing Spaces Aug 8, 1985 Partially Found
S1.E4 Skin Talk Aug 15, 1985 Lost
S1.E5 On Your Kness Aug 22, 1985 Lost
S1.E6 Mind Over Matter Aug 29, 1985 Lost
S1.E7 Family Fortunes Sep 5, 1985 Lost
S1.E8 Bless You! Sep 12, 1985 Lost
S2.E1 What a Mouthful! Jul 31, 1986 Lost (In BFI Archives)
S2.E2 Speakeasy Aug 7, 1986 Lost
S2.E3 You've Got a Nerve! Aug 14, 1986 Lost
S2.E4 Hair Today, Gone Tomorrow Aug 21, 1986 Lost
S2.E5 Muscling In Aug 28, 1986 Lost
S2.E6 Forget Me Not Sep 4, 1986 Lost
S2.E7 Male Mothers - A Cure for Infertility? Sep 11, 1986 Lost
S2.E8 Gut Feelings Sep 18, 1986 Lost (In BFI Archives)
S3.E1 Bloodymatters Jul 30, 1987 Lost
S3.E2 Ouch! Aug 6, 1987 Lost
S3.E3 Ear We Go! Aug 13, 1987 Lost
S3.E4 As Time Goes By Aug 20, 1987 Lost
S3.E5 Wake Up To Sleep Aug 27, 1987 Lost
S3.E6 Hands Up! Sep 3, 1987 Partially Found
S3.E7 Body Electric Sep 10, 1987 Found
S3.E8 Dem Bones, Dem Bones... Sep 17, 1987 Lost
S4.E0 Special: Cancer May 5, 1988 Lost
S4.E1 Water Works Aug 4, 1988 Lost
S4.E2 The Beat Goes On Aug 11, 1988 Lost
S4.E3 Radiation - Fact and Fiction Aug 18, 1988 Lost
S4.E4 Against all the Odds Aug 25, 1988 Lost
S4.E5 The Fats of Life Sep 1, 1988 Lost
S4.E6 What's Your Poison? Sep 8, 1988 Found
S4.E7 Body Heat Sep 15, 1988 Lost
S5.E1 The Bodymatters Roadshow: The Veterinary School, Bristol Aug 8, 1989 Lost
S5.E2 The Bodymatters Roadshow: The Dental School, Cardiff Aug 15, 1989 Lost
S5.E3 The Bodymatters Roadshow: The Common Cold Unit, Salisbury Aug 22, 1989 Lost
S5.E4 The Bodymatters Roadshow: The Sports Injuries Clinic, Crystal Palace Aug 29, 1989 Lost
S5.E5 The Bodymatters Roadshow: The National Spinal Injuries Centre, Stoke Mandeville Sep 5, 1989 Lost
S5.E6 The Bodymatters Roadshow: Booth Hall Children's Hospital, Manchester Sep 12, 1989 Lost



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