Bride of the Regiment (partially lost Pre-Code muscial film; 1930)

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This article has been tagged as NSFW due to its explicit and borderline pornographic content.

Bride Of The Regiment poster.jpg.jpg

Official poster for the movie's theatrical release.

Status: Partially Lost

Bride of the Regiment is a 1930 Technicolor film produced by First National meant to be a remake of the 1927 film known as The Lady In Ermine, starring Vivienne Segal, Walter Pidgeon, and Allan Prior as the three main characters.

Directed by former actor John Francis Dillon and edited by future Oscar nominee LeRoy Stone, the film surrounds an Austrian colonel named Vultow who's holding a rebel count named Adrian as a hostage, threatening to execute him unless his countess wife named Anna- Marie agrees to have sex with him. According to reviews of the time, the film was well-received, with most of the praise being levied on the soundtrack and cinematography.

However, due to its scandalous content such as a subplot revolving around a servant of the count name Sophie trying to steal Vultow's love in order to get out of an arranged marriage, a scene consisting of the unnamed countess's ancestor pretending to be the countess and getting Vultow drunk, and several sexual innuendos, it was given a very limited run and later banned under the Hays Code. Only audio of the film exists, as well as several stills.

Availability[edit | edit source]

The audio of the film, preserved on Vitaphone records, is the most publicly available piece, being posted on Youtube in two different parts by a channel dedicated to Vitaphone recordings. However, footage and stills from the film are way rarer to come by and seemingly appear out of nowhere online, with found stills coming from a French movie wiki,[1] a Blogspot copypasted from what seems to be an old edit of the film's Wikipedia article,[2] a Spanish Tumblr post,[3] and even a website offering wall art.[4] Information about its release is no better, with brief coverage from the New York Times,[5] The Montreal Gazette,[6] and even the Prescott Evening Courter.[7]

On February 16th, 2022, 3 posters for the film were found in Spanish on a blogspot known as Mi Enciclopedia De Cine,[8] with one of them, which has been put below, having not only a screening date but also a theatre, that theatre being the Teatro Apolo in Barcelona. While unlikely due to the wombo-combo of the Spanish Civil War and censorship during the Franco years, this implies that copies of the film might have survived in Spain.

On February 21st, 2022, a publicity still was found for sale on a website called Grapefruit Moon Art Gallery,[9] attributed to Elmer Fryer, a moderately successful photographer at the time. Attempts have been made to contact descendants of the late Elmer, however these have all ended in failure so far.

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Bride of the Regiment (audio only 1/2).
Bride of the Regiment (audio only 2/2).

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