Buck Rogers: That Man on Beta (lost telefilm of series; 1979)

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A poster for the series.

Status: Lost

Buck Rogers: That Man On Beta is an unmade telefilm that was intended to be the last in a series of Buck Rogers telefilms starring the actor Gil Gerard as Buck Rogers. However, the first film was released theatrically, and the TV series was made instead, That Man On Beta was scrapped, although a novelization of the film was still released, using the exact same title.

Plot Description

As shown in the novelization, Buck goes to a ruined city outside the dome in which he and the other humans live to find his descendants and is kidnapped by Princess Ardala and Killer Kane. These two villains want to use his genetic matter to revitalize the Draconian race, which has been repelled from Earth and is dying out. However, Buck manages to escape and returns to Earth after undergoing a series of horrifying encounters with the wildlife on Beta, the title planet to which he has been taken, where he dances with Wilma Deering, an officer in the Earth forces and his lover.[1]


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