Bullet for My Valentine 'Venom' (partially found demo recordings; 2014-2015)

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Cover art of Venom.

Status: Partially Found

Venom is the fifth studio album by Welsh metalcore band Bullet for My Valentine. Trying to distance themselves from the poor feedback their previous effort Temper Temper gained, the band spent over a year writing and at least four months recording demos in order to compose what they believed to be the heaviest album they've ever done in terms of the way it sounds and the content,[1] in contrast to Temper Temper for which they had no pre-recorded material at all.[2]

"In Loving Memory", the only Venom demo recording to be officially released.

The band allegedly wrote around twenty songs during the album's preproduction stage,[3] the most they had ever written before an album's recording sessions,[4] with twelve of them - ten regular tracks and two bonus tracks - being chosen for the final studio sessions. Of the remaining songs, only one - "In Loving Memory" - saw an official release as a bonus demo track on the album's deluxe edition, the others are still unheard by the public and are expected to stay commercially unavailable, as the band has no apparent interest in releasing rejected material.[5]

Another rejected song - "Trenches" - sparked a massive hunt after being listed on the band's official MyPlay Direct music store[6] and consequently Wikipedia[7] as a bonus track of the European deluxe edition of Venom, replacing "Raising Hell" as the 15th track. While the lack of solid information about this song even after the album's release led to people doubting of its legitimacy, Bullet for My Valentine confirmed its existence while denying its release during a Reddit AMA,[8] disappointing the most avid fans who were looking forward to its surfacing.