Bunyan & Babe (found CGI animated film; 2011)

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Poster for the film that seemed to have originally planned a mix of CGI and live-action.

Status: Found

Date found: Jan '17

Found by: Google Play

Bunyan & Babe is a CGI animated film directed by Tony Bancroft and Jim Rygeil, starring the voice talent of John Goodman as legendary giant lumberjack Paul Bunyan. It was originally meant to be a mix of CGI and live-action, as seen in early promotional material.

It was slated for release in 2011 and later had its release date set to late 2016.

According to a 2012 TheFW article, the film "got lost in the shuffle when MGM filed for bankruptcy".[1] Despite this, the film is still listed on Exodus Film Group's official website.[2]

The film was finally released onto Google Play for free in January 2017.


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