CWCFlyingElephants (lost uncensored Chris Chan video; 2009)

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This article has been tagged as NSFW due to its references to nudity that may be seen as inappropriate.

Status: Lost

CWFlyingElephants is a 7-minute audition video made by former YouTube vlogger and Sonichu creator Chris Chan (now known as Christine) made for his "girlfriend" at the time, Vanessa Hudgens. published by The Miscreants on 27 April 2009. It shows Chris in his room, naked, displaying a show of what he calls random-access humor. Chris runs, twirls, acts crazy and does handstands while completely in the nude. In addition, he imitates lines from Ed, Edd, n Eddy, quotes Monty Python, plays with toys, and throws around "Li'l Chris". [1]

The Uncensored Version

They were actually three versions of the videos that were posted onto YouTube, but only two of the videos remain up on the site. One of them being only audio of the video, [2] Another version is currently up on YouTube uploaded by Chris Chan himself, but Chris's posterior and bare bottom were censored out. Though some parts of the video are not censored. For example, during the part before Chris spins around making noises, his entire bare bottom is exposed to the camera. [3] As for the uncensored version of the video, only a .GIF file <ref>[1] on the Sonichu/CWC Wiki (which largely documents most of Chris's life) and no other images nor copies of the video ever surfaced online. According to the Sonichu website, the uncensored version was uploaded to YouTube, but it was deleted by YouTube because it violated the community guidelines on nudity and/or sexual content.


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