Calimero (partially found English dubs of Italian-French animated series; 1970-2014)

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The titular character.

Status: Partially Found

Calimero (カリメロ Karimero?) is an Italian/Japanese cartoon about an anthropomorphized chicken named Calimero; the only black chicken in his family of yellow chickens. Calimero wears half of his egg shell on his head. Calimero originally appeared on the Italian television show Carosello on July 14, 1962, and soon became a popular icon in Italy.

Calimero has had multiple adaptations in Italy, France, and Japan, but none of these were ever licensed to be aired in the US. English dubs do exist in some shorts and episodes, but many of them are lost. Some of these are known to have aired in the UK (primarily Scotland) and Australia.

English Dubbed Shorts

Some of the Italian shorts from the early 1970s (beginning in 1970) did receive English dubs, though these are hard to find online . A compilation of 13 shorts in English ripped from a laserdisc has been uploaded to YouTube,[1] and a Vimeo channel simply called 'Calimero' that uploaded 12 shorts in English, French, and Italian (though one of the "English" shorts (Christmas's Letter) is actually a re-upload of the French dub, and the uploader did not respond when contacted about the real English version, so it's still lost). In addition, some of the Croatian, Dutch, and Macedonian dubs of some missing English shorts have been uploaded to YouTube. The Macedonian dub is a voice-over, and the English track can be partially heard under it. Two shorts in Turkish have also been found, and file transfers have been uploaded to three other shorts without the original sound. So far, there are 40 total segments found out of the 78 shorts known to exist.[2]

The English dub of 'My Birth.'
The English dub of 'Calimero and the Weasel.'
'Calimero and the Falcon.'
The English dub of 'Calimero and the Wolf.'
The English dub of 'Flying Over the City.'
The English dub of 'Robbery in D Minor.'
The English dub of 'Calimero's Christmas.'
The English dub of 'Level Crossing.'
The English dub of 'Father's Day.'
The English dub of 'Passion for Horses.'
The English dub of 'A Good Act.'
The Macedonian voice-over dub over an English track of 'Calimero and the Mathematics.'
The Macedonian voice-over dub over an English track of 'Defender of Nature.'
The Macedonian voice-over dub over an English track of 'Calimero and the Smuggling Fisher.'
The Macedonian voice-over dub over an English track of 'Among Sounds and Electrons.'

There were also at least two rare releases in the UK of these shorts on VHS, Betamax, and Laserdisc.[3] One was simply titled "Calimero", and the other was "Calimero and the Wonderful Summer".[4] They each contain 13 shorts, including some not currently available in English as well as some that are not currently available at all. There are also some shorts that were released on film strips which can be bought, however, the shorts are silent.

English Dub of 1982 Series

An English dub was made of the 1982 series of Calimero. The dub seems to be fairly recent, judging by the high quality of the English language track compared to the old animation. Only one episode of this dub has surfaced online, courtesy of the Vimeo channel of a video company called DVDlab. Interestingly, the episode uses the opening and ending from the French dub and seems to be based on the French dub rather than the Italian version. When contacted in November 2016, DVDlab replied by saying that they only had the one episode because it was an attempted restoring/remastering on their part, but they could provide contact information for the official distributor of the series. No more info on the dub has arisen as of yet, and it is currently unknown how many episodes were actually dubbed in English (out of at least 40 made).

The only episode from the 1982 English dub, courtesy of DVDlab.

UK English Dub of 2014 CGI Series

The 2014 CGI series of Calimero also received a dub by a British studio and episodes aired on Disney Junior UK from May 11, 2014 - present. There are 104 episodes that are confirmed to exist.[5] Disney Junior UK also has a page for the series; however, the episodes on there are region-locked and can only be viewed from the UK.[6]

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