Calling All Angels (lost song from "American Idol" contestants EJay Day and AJ Gil; 2003)

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Calling All Angels Day Gil.jpg

CD cover for the song.

Status: Lost

EJay Day and AJ Gil placed tenth and eighth respectively on the first season of American Idol. Shortly after competing on that series, they joined together to record a song titled "Calling All Angels", which was the first original music either of them ever released. "Calling All Angels" was released sometime in 2003 as a single through the Give Kids the World non-profit organization. It most likely has no connection to the song of the same name by Train that was also released in 2003, although a possible connection cannot necessarily be ruled out, as the lyrics to the song by Day and Gil are unknown.

Day and Gil gave at least two live performances of "Calling All Angels". No recordings of these performances are known to exist. The single itself can no longer be purchased through Give Kids the World and is currently unavailable online.

The Song

"Calling All Angels" was released for sale on for a $5.00 donation to that organization. The single's release date is unknown, but The Way Back Machine shows that it was available at least as early as February 15, 2003[1] and continued to be listed for sale through at least May 2, 2005.[2]

According to an archived page on Day's now-defunct website,, "Calling All Angels" was written specifically for Give Kids the World.[3]

Live Performances

Day and Gil performed "Calling All Angels" on a float for "Give Kids the World", as part of Pasadena, California's 2003 New Year's Day Rose Parade.[2] According to an archived page from, the two former American Idol contestants were joined by the band O-Town on the float.[4] It is unclear whether O-Town performed "Calling All Angels" with Day and Gil on the float or not, but it is unlikely that the band was featured on the recorded single, considering that only Day and Gil are credited for the song on[2] and that the song is described as a "duet" on[3]

Articles published by The Atlanta Journal-Constitution and PopCrush both mention Day performing in the 2003 parade but do not contain any information about "Calling All Angels".[5][6]

On June 13th, 2003, Day and Gil reunited for another live performance of "Calling All Angels", which they gave at the Peabody Orlando Hotel, during a fundraising gala for Give Kids the World.[3][4][7]


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