Caress (lost commercial for Filipino nail polish; 1990s)

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Status: Lost

Caress is a Filipino nail polish produced by Kateenson Industries Inc. Throughout the years, several commercials were made advertising the nail polish, with a radio commercial and a commercial with a still photo of the bottle witnessed by eyewitnesses. However, an iconic commercial was said to be aired, starring Filipino actress Shielu Bharwani.


The commercial starts with an animated Shielu walking and opens the door of a room where she goes in. She took the magazine by flipping the pages then she saw two bottles of Caress nail polish with sketched legs on the opposite page. She took the red one and applied it on her nails until the animated lady turned into a real lady and swayed in bliss with a shaded portion where she closed the polish bottle. At the next part, the two shades of Caress displayed by zooming out of the screen. The lady then closed her eyes while feeling the polish on her hands with the voiceover saying "color every magic moment". The picture was then captured and displayed above the Caress logo and the bottles itself.[1][2]

A short version was said to be aired in the early 2000s, with the door and the animation hand scene only appearing then cuts to Caress products with a light background.[3]

The commercial was said to have a piano-type and a keyboard-synth type BGM.[4] It is also known to be creepy to some people, with the deep voiceover and during when he said the last line.


The long-running version was said to be aired on Chinese shows, specifically Justice Bao on RPN-9 in 1993 and Masked Rider on ABC-5. It was said to be aired on Magandang Umaga, Bayan in ABS-CBN in 2004, and on Unang Hirit on GMA-7 in 2002, with an eyewitness seeing it in April 2002 albeit the short version only aired. It also aired on ABS-CBN during Alas Singko Y Medya, Amazing Twins on IBC-13, and Sunday Chinese drama on RPN-9 during the mid-1990s. The short version was aired on GMA-7 during Pira-pirasong Pangarap and Maynila in the 2000s.[5] One eyewitness said that it aired on the timeframe of 1996-2005[6] while someone said the ad first aired in 1993-1994.[7] The short version was said to be always aired in the 2000s, with the long version only rarely aired during that time.

According to an eyewitness that saw the commercial in 2004, it was still airing at that time and another person's SunCable/SkyCable provider aired the commercial in the channel AXN as a couple of local commercials was also aired along the Caress commercial.[8][9]

The jingle, which was aired on KYFM 91.5 and became long-running, was in the commercial. It was on YouTube uploaded by Mr. SV Chua but was then since privated[10], but user ALLEN Qchs78 which claims to have made the vocals of the jingle reuploaded it into YouTube on December 2020.[11] However, viewers said that the jingle in the commercial was different as it uses the piano.

The commercial hasn't yet resurfaced online.


The radio jingle, which was also in the commercial.