Cascade (lost build of cancelled Xbox 360 massive multiplayer online game; 2000-2007)

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Concept art.

Status: Lost

Cascade is a cancelled fantasy massively-multiplayer online game by Rare Limited.

After Perfect Dark Zero, Mark Edmonds and Chris Tilston used elements from a Perfect Dark prototype called Quest.

According to Jeton Grajqevci from Pure Rarity, the game went through several variations and names during its production.[1]

Work on Cascade has been salvaged from other Rare Ltd. projects, including the networking code used in Conker: Live & Reloaded and Perfect Dark Zero. However, no completed project ever came from the work.

In 2007, the game was cancelled when the team decided to work on a port for GoldenEye 007 for XBLA instead, which was finished but never released.

Concept Art


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