Centerfold Celebrities 2 - Full Jamie Gillis and Brooke Fields Anal Scene (partially lost sequence of pornographic film; early 1980s)

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Centerfold Celebrities 2
Jamie Gillis
Jamie Gillis
Status Partially Lost

Warning: The below article contains descriptions of what might have been rape. Please read with caution, as some find this topic rather uncomfortable.

Centerfold Celebrities 2 was a 1984 pornographic film starring a slew of famous pornographic actors. It is pretty standard fare for porn of the era, except for one scene in particular.

Questionable scene shooting

The scene in question involved Jamie Gillis and Brooke Fields. Gillis was considered a "pioneer" of the industry and Fields had minor popularity. The scene involved anal sex with very little to no vaginal stimulation or lube beforehand (often frowned upon in S&M circles, downright condemned elsewhere). Fields looked quite uncomfortable in and throughout the scene, very obviously in pain.

It is not uncommon for pornographic stars to allow themselves to do something painful in a scene, however, in this case, it may have been done without consent. Gillis was already notorious in the industry for pushing women to do things without permission.


Fields was left so disjointed from the experience that she demanded the removal of the scene from the final product, to which the directors complied. However, the scene somehow ended up in the wrong hands. It was screened at a handful of conventions and bootlegged on a small level. The public knew of its existence, but the scene became rare due to its content.

In 2010, Gillis passed away after a long battle with cancer. Upon his death, many pornographic actresses and actors alike denounced him as a misogynistic "monster".

Partial resurfacement

The scene in question was referenced several times. Gillis' supporters denied its existence until a couple of months later when the scene finally leaked online. What leaked, however, was a heavily edited, shaky quality version of what was going to be in the product. It was obviously edited to make the scene look like it was a pleasurable experience. Many of Gillis' supporters claimed that the scene was consensual based off of how it was displayed.

Then, many eyewitnesses who saw a longer, more detailed version remember images of Fields very obviously asking him to stop and whimpering "Help me" to the directors. Fields was very obviously not sure if she was enjoying the experience and wanted to stop. Some deny rape claims as Gillis was never charged.

With the debate still going, many seek out the full version of the scene.

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Anonymous user #1

17 months ago
Score -3++
Why didn't Brooke push him off or kick him in nuts or something? Scream for God sake to stop you're not gonna follow through with something you never planned!! She just stays there throughout the ordeal. It seems she didn't have brains but just beauty!


12 months ago
Score 2++

Sometimes you just freeze or don't know what to do. I was much younger (5 years to 8 years old) during my sex abuse but I didn't really fight back because I wasn't sure what to do about it.

I could see if this is your job, you might not quite know what to do and may trust your director to stop anything that isn't on the level. I can't imagine shooting porn is an easy job without some trust in your coworkers. (I do know someone who does pornography but according to her she's never had a problem with people stopping if she tells them to or even expressed discomfort or reluctance.)


10 months ago
Score 1++
I'm with UndeadKitten. When I was in middle school, a classmate felt me up under my shirt in the middle of English. (We were sitting at tables so nobody could see it). I was so shocked I just sat there and tried to concentrate on the book the teacher was reading.

Anonymous user #2

11 months ago
Score 0++
lots of victim blaming in this comment section

Anonymous user #5

4 months ago
Score 0++
i only saw one thing that could be considered victim blaming and it was more of a question trying to understand how it happened. idk what your talking about

Anonymous user #3

11 months ago
Score -2++
Why is this in this wiki? I do not think this appropriate

Anonymous user #4

6 months ago
Score 0++
regardless of how ones feels, pornography has always been a part of social history... pointing out that one of the "pioneers" in the industry took advantage of women in an unregulated industry is somewhat ironic...
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